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You can never imagine how much we love you dearly. On behalf of the entire ministry family and Almighty God our Father, Master, Sender, Author and Finisher of our faith, greetings to you in Jesus name. LEARN MORE

Our Vision

vision-introOur Vision at Communion Christian Centre is to see people filled with knowledge, understanding and habitual practice of Gods word and demonstration of the power of his Spirit (Col 3:16, 1Cor 2:4), LEARN MORE


partnership-introPartnership is co-working together, teaming up, being bonded  or binded as one in a constructive and well defined collaboration, mainly on a purpose and vision, achieving the set objectives LEARN MORE

Contact Us

contact-us-introBeloved, you can contact us easily via the following details:
Lifechannel Ministries,
P. O. Box 581, Enuwa, ILE-IFE
Nigeria, VISIT NOW

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